Technical Competences

Our wide-ranging technical competencies are established in the areas of client server systems and business software as well as in the host area. These areas are complemented by extensive know-how in different modelling techniques as well as by extensive knowledge and experience in comprehensive technical topics such as security and high availability in different environments on different hardware.

The very extensive know-how, which has been accumulated in a large number of projects, consists of the connection or integration and communication between classic host systems and the modern world of client-server applications. The host systems are not easy and fast to replace by applications on modern technology platforms, as this often involves a very high investment and also a high operational risk. At the same time, there is a need to connect these host applications to the modern world in order to remain competitive.

This area is therefore a very critical issue for success, especially for large corporations with a grown IT structure based on host systems and processing extremely high data volumes.

This places equally high demands on the necessary IT expertise. Especially here, this enables PentaSoft to achieve a very high added value for its customers.

Combination of professional and technical knowledge

In the area of complex and business-critical applications, it is not sufficient for a service provider to be distinguished solely by its technical expertise. Furthermore, it is also of great importance if your IT service provider can understand the technical specifications and goals as well as the associated processes and implement them in corresponding applications. This is the only way to achieve high-quality software solutions for handling business processes in the insurance, financial services, automotive and public administration sectors.

Therefore, PentaSoft offers not only excellent technical competences but also the necessary professional and process-related know-how, in order to be able to offer target-oriented and value-added IT services in connection with highest efficiency.