The Philosophy of PentaSoft 

The five cornerstones of the philosophy of PentaSoft:

The philosophy of PentaSoft is based on the following cornerstones: 

Customer satisfaction determines our success

Customer satisfaction as our primary goal is our most important indicator for measuring our project success.

We are always there for our customers and the concerns of our customers are our own. The achievement of this goal expresses itself through long-term partnerships in a business relationship characterized by trust.

We work goal and result oriented

As a basis for achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, we see the consistent orientation of our activities towards the defined project goals. When developing the project goals, the framework conditions of the corporate strategy, the organization and the technology are always used as a starting point.

Our employees bring success

A fundamental pillar of PentaSoft is satisfaction.

The employees are the most important capital of a company that offers highly qualified IT services in business environments characterized by high complexity and speed of innovation, which also to a considerable extent requires professional know-how and understanding for business-critical applications.

Therefore, the satisfaction of the qualified and motivated employees of PentaSoft is a fundamental pillar of our long-term business success.

This ensures a low fluctuation rate and well-established know-how within the company. Thus our customers are confronted with only a small amount of changing service personnel and the associated time and cost intensive handover processes and training involved thereby.

Trust and reliability for a long-term business relationship

A highly complex environment requires a high degree of trust in the business partner.

Under such conditions, the quality of the service is often not apparent and immediately assessable. In addition, the necessary tasks and activities cannot be described in such detail in advance, so that a considerable amount of room for interpretation nevertheless remains. This often leads to complex contract agreements, as the definition of result types, quality criteria and areas of responsibility can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive for both business partners. Secondly, even then, imponderables can still occur that are based either on an incomplete task description and or a service provider who, for example, offers a project with a low price structure and who, with change requests planned in advance, can already manage the project far beyond the planned budget via a lock-in effect. This is precisely when it is important to work with a partner who communicates any problem areas openly and promptly to you as the customer and who you can rely on, that no “hidden” budgets are planned in advance. We want you to decide to work with us over a long period of time and not feel obliged to have to do so. Our long-standing business relationships and the positive and appreciative feedback from our customers show us that we are on the right track.

Achieving added value

In addition to the classic project control parameters of time, costs and quality, PentaSoft places great emphasis on achieving added value in its activities and project results.

In addition to the criterion of a positive return on investment, the long-term impact of software development also plays a major role. In other words, criteria such as feasibility and follow-up costs for future extensions and changes are included in decision-making and recommendations.